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Top 3 Best CNC Plasma Tables: Buying Guide + Reviews

There were times when welding and cutting were only done in large factories and workshops. But that’s become a thing of the past. Nowadays, machines, tools, and accessories that come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. They’re used by professionals and amateurs alike.

CNC plasma tables are no exception. They now also come in many sizes to accommodate all types of welding and cutting projects.

Through extensive research and following up on user reviews, we found the 4 best CNC plasma tables on the market.

Best CNC Plasma Tables in 2020

CNC plasma tables are pretty sophisticated pieces of equipment. So it’s a good idea to have at least some basic knowledge of both the welding and cutting processes in general before working with a plasma cutting table.

Here’s Our Rundown of the Top CNC Plasma Tables

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This STV CNC plasma table offers high-quality components. Its technology system operates at the highest of standards. The STV is a durable piece of equipment that can withstand all types of conditions.

It weighs 400 lbs (181 kg), with dimensions of 60 × 71 × 58 inches (152 x 180 x 147 cm).

It operates on different types of applications via a Windows-based software program. The software package and its license are both included with the STV CNC plasma cutting table.

The SparX4400 uses stepper motors. These motors offer accurate, fast, and consistent work. You’ll find that this plasma table provides you with smooth and precise cuts to ensure a perfect outcome each time.

A great feature that makes this plasma table versatile is that it can operate on either 110V or 220V.

Does your work require repetitive cutting jobs? No problem! With this plasma table, repeating jobs is automatic and hassle-free. Simply line up the material and adjust the torch height using the remote control.

The work area is tough and designed to handle from 0.75-inch steel plates and even thicker. Some of its most functional features are its linear guided rails and a floating head.

Another handy feature is its automatic torch height control (THC) system to prevent the working end from coming too close to the material. It’s a safety measure to prevent overheating and damage to both the material and the machine.

The automatic THC also boosts this plasma table’s functionality.

During the cutting process, debris and dust can accumulate. To help contain them and maintain a safe work area, the STV Motorsports plasma table comes with an in-built water table. The water helps extinguish any sparks, dust, and debris that are a result of cutting. Plus, it prevents the machine from overheating.

You can also choose to work without a water table if you prefer. But working without a water table is only projects that won’t generate too much heat and debris. Otherwise, you could risk damaging the machine.

Baileigh CNC Plasma Cutting Table (PT-22)
  • Runs on 110V power with 6A, 60HZ, and 24" x 24" cutting area (3/4" mild steel capacity)
  • Comes fully assembled with correct alignment (no need to spend hours building)
  • You can control the torch using the handheld panel with a jog dial for the X and Y axes and program start and stop buttons
  • Durable, high-quality stepper motors drive the X axis (single drive) and Y axis (dual drive)
  • All motor controllers and electronics are enclosed (no loose wires to get in your way)



The name Baileigh is synonymous with high-quality metal machines. The Baileigh PT-22 is one of their finest plasma cutting tables. It boasts of premium features at a great price.

Weighing 500 lbs (227 kg), this plasma table stands at a height of 48 inches (122 cm). Its driving motor is a stepper, which operates at 110 volts of power.

It has a work surface area of 31 × 29 inches (787 × 736 mm). This ensures that you have plenty of space for all of your projects, no matter how big they are.

It’s also sturdy enough to take on heavy workloads as well. This CNC plasma table can cut the following material metal sheets from a 0.75-inch thickness and higher. It can also cut through a number of conductive materials, such as steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and brass.

Did you know that the Baileigh PT-22 comes pre-assembled? This saves you a lot of time and effort trying to put it all together and set it up. As soon as you receive it, all you have to do is start programming your software right away.

The accompanying software program is user-friendly and doesn’t take much effort to get the hang of for both experts and beginners.

You can use this software to digitally design your jobs on any computer. You can also load your designs via a USB stick, and let the machine do all the hard labor.
Another great feature is that it can be operated in several languages, not just English. The Baileigh can run for long hours without overheating. It’s reliable, durable, and provides a smooth, precise cutting experience.

It features two types of torch holders. These holders help you create both automated and customized designs.

The Baileigh PT-22 table comes with its own water bath. It comes pre-built along with the machine, as well as a drain valve. The water bath extinguishes the smoke and sparks that fill the air as a result of the cutting and welding process.

The Baileigh PT-22 doesn’t come with a downdraft system. Consequently, you’ll need to make sure you’re working somewhere well-ventilated.

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The CNC Gas Oxyfuel table may be one of the most expensive plasma cutting tables on the market. Yet, it has all the features you would want in a professional plasma cutting table.

Its work surface can easily accommodate a 59 x 98-inch (1500 × 2500 mm) work project. This wide work area saves you time and energy.

These features make it easy to work on a wide variety of projects, from the small to the biggest.

Although it may seem to be a huge piece of equipment, it’s actually not that heavy. Compared to other plasma cutting tables, it can be moved with ease if the need arises.

One feature that sets this table apart from the rest is that it uses two supporting systems. It has the plasma cutting system, as well as the resourceful Oxyfuel flame for projects that require both cutting and welding.

The Oxyfuel flame is well-known in the welding world for its numerous handy features. It’s capable of cutting metals of thickness from 0.2 – 6 inches (0.5 to 0.250 mm) and up. It works with efficiency, speed, and high-precision.

Another great feature is the CNC Gas Oxyfuel automatic plasma torch height control. This feature makes sure your working end of the cutter never gets too close to the material. It’s a distinctive feature that reduces any health hazards, such as overheating.

The CNC Gas Oxyfuel table handles multiple languages for its software programs. This makes it easier for you to effectively communicate with your table’s software program.

By offering several languages and user-friendly software, this plasma cutting table ensures that your designs are created with speed and precision.

Plus, you can manually apply the design on the metal sheet itself via either AutoCAD or StarCAM software. You can draw out your design on your computer then copy it into the machine. Both of these programs ensure you get the most accurate design and cut.

The Verdict

We discussed four of the best CNC plasma tables available on the market. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to decide which best fits your plasma cutting needs.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been welding and cutting for years, the plasma table is where it all starts.

Our top pick is the CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting Table. It does come with a hefty price tag, it comes with everything you would want in a high-tech, modern plasma table. Its only downside is that it doesn’t come with its own water tank, so if you want one for your table, you have to purchase it separately.

It’s fast, it’s precise, and, most importantly, it works with many types of materials and image formats. You can rely on this sturdy machine to create all your masterpieces with accuracy and convenience.

How Does a CNC Plasma Table Work?

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) table helps with the process of cutting metals. It follows instructions programmed into it via its software. That’s why it’s vital that each machine is run by one or more compatible software programs designed by the table manufacturers.

These software programs help you draw out your design and cut it out onto your metal sheets. Each table has a pair of motors, which serve as the X-axis and Y-axis. There are some upgraded CNC plasma tables that also have a third motor, which is the Z-axis.

How to Choose the Best CNC Plasma Tables

Since cutting tables are such large purchases, it’s important to know what to look for. Picking the right CNC plasma table for your work will save you, or your organization, money, time, and effort.

Here are some features to look out for when choosing the best CNC plasma table.

Smoke & Dust

CNC plasma cutting is known to create a considerable amount of debris, smoke, and dust. If you’re working in an enclosed area, this can quickly fill up the room, resulting in health risks and compromise your work.

So it’s vital that you take the necessary precautions to contain the dust. You also have to set up proper ventilation measures.

Try these safety dust-containment tips for clearing the dust and smoke from your work area.


This dust-containment system consists of skirts placed around the base of the table. There’s also a fan that blows the debris away and sucks out the dust and smoke through the table.

Water Bath

Another way to contain dust and smoke is to use a water bath. By placing a shallow table filled with water below the CNC plasma cutting table. Once the cutting starts, dust and sparks glide down and are immediately extinguished by the water.

Water baths can be tricky to use for several reasons. Water can splash on the underside of the CNC plasma table. This can result in rust, which can damage the entire machine. It’s vital that you ask your table manufacturer if a water bath is a good, safe choice for dust-containment.

Also, this may seem like it’s a given, but we’ll say it anyway. Make sure you keep all types of electrical components away from the water.

Machine Quality & Performance

CNC plasma tables are expensive. That’s why it’s important to buy a high-quality piece of equipment that can withstand all types of conditions. It should also be able to handle different types of metals.

Some of the most important features that all good, reliable CNC plasma cutting tables should have are:

Quality of the Table Design

The performance of a CNC plasma table can be affected by each part, tool, and feature. This will ultimately play a major role in the outcome of your project.

This makes the task of picking the most durable and versatile table design vital, and not just for the aesthetics. Choosing a great table design ensures that your work is precise and accurate. It also maintains the integrity of the machine and all its parts.

Quality of the Table Frame

Since the frame is the main support feature of the entire CNC plasma table, it’s a good idea to pick a table made of high-quality frame materials. The two best types of these materials are steel and aluminum.

Aluminum is bulkier. This gives the feeling that it’s a stronger frame and can easily withstand heavier workloads.

Steel, however, is lighter in weight. Yet while it may appear flimsy, it’s still strong enough to handle almost any type of project.

Overall, steel is stronger than aluminum.

Strength of the Motor

There are two main types of motors; servo and stepper. Stepper motors are designed to have a limited number of positions to which they can be moved. This means they have a limited range of motion and can’t handle certain cutting designs and projects. They also don’t offer any type of feedback to the controller.

Servo motors, on the other hand, provide information to the controller. Plus, a servo motor can be moved to an endless number of positions within its range of motion.

Servo motors are also known to be more durable and reliable than stepper motors. They also provide more power to your cutting table, and boost its functionality.

These features make these types of motors more expensive than the stepper motors. But they’re cost-effective and a good value for your money.


A CNC plasma table depends a great deal on the software that operates and runs it. You should make sure that the software has been specifically designed and optimized for your CNC plasma table.

Any type of software that comes with a plasma table should have been written by the table manufacturers themselves. This is to ensure compatibility.

This software is designed to do three things:

  • Control the plasma table itself and its functions
  • Control the plasma cutter
  • Dictate how the piece of metal will be shaped and cut


CNC plasma tables come in various sizes. The smallest table can be only 2 × 2 feet, while the biggest tables can reach up to 50 × 350 feet.