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Best Welding Jacket

Top 8 Best Welding Jackets: Buying Guide + Reviews

A welding jacket protects your arms, chest, and torso from heat, sparks, and splatter threatening to burn your skin during weld jobs.

However, between all the different materials, features, and styles available on the market, finding the best welding jacket can be quite a confusing task!

Today, we’ll be helping you make the perfect purchase with a detailed buying guide and our list of the top 8 welding jackets.

Best Welding Jacket in 2020

Kicking off our list with a widely popular option, the BX9C Welding Jacket from BSX Gear does a pretty good job combining quality with affordability, earning lots of praise in the process.

This welding jacket ranks high on the style charts, with a very attractive design that you can feel confident in. It has red trim and accents, complete with a red flame on both sleeves for an edgy yet sleek look.

Material wise, the BSX Gear Welding Jacket is made of flame-resistant cotton, so it can effectively protect you against sparks and, at the same time, it doesn’t make your skin all sweaty like leather would.

This means you can easily wear it in the summer or layer it with a thick shirt underneath on colder days. The BX9C jacket also features straps that you can use to adjust its fit at your waist and cuffs for more comfortable wear.

It provides extra protection for your neck against splatter and debris since the collar is a stand-up type. Additionally, it has scribe pockets on the inside for more convenience during jobs.

The BX9C Welding Jacket uses snap buttons for secure closure, which lets you quickly put on and take off the jacket. It’s a high-quality product with a decent price that suits any budget.



From the established Revco brand, we present you the Black Stallion BSX FR Welding Coat, offering outstanding protection and comfort for hundreds of happy customers.

This welding coat is made of soft cotton fabric, treated to resist flames that result from flying sparks and splatter. The material provides adequate shielding without retaining too much heat that it becomes too uncomfortable to wear.

You can wear this welding jacket on hot days just as good as cold days with shirts underneath. It also features extended coverage with added length for your protection.

As for the design of the Black Stallion Coat, you may enjoy the blue color with black accents on the sides and arms, as well as blue flames for decoration. It’s a nice look, but the flames can be a bit too much for some people.

The stand-up collar serves to keep away sparks and debris from your neck area, and the dual inside and scribe pockets make the jacket extra handy.

The Black Stallion Coat comes in sizes from Small to 5 X-Large, with adjustable waist and cuffs straps so you can choose the best fit. This is a solid option for welders seeking a lighter weight jacket for a wallet-friendly price.



Utilizing more than 100 years of experience in welders and welding equipment industry, the folks at Lincoln Electric built the Flame-Resistant Cloth Welding Jacket to be both practical and comfortable.

Starting from its material, this welding jacket is made of thick cotton to allow for breathability so you can work for long periods without feeling suffocated or getting too hot. You can also throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning, no need to do it by hand.

This welding jacket is treated to be flame-resistant, protecting you from sparks and splatter while being lightweight enough to let you move around freely. It’s equipped with inside pockets on the left side so you can safely carry items that you frequently need.

The Lincoln Electric Welding Jacket looks more on the professional side, with an all-black theme including black snap buttons at the front. The sleeves on this jacket also have snaps on the cuffs to give you a form-fitting design.

However, the collar of this jacket is a cutaway type, so if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your neck safety.



An excellent blend of durability and protection, the Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket has hundreds of users swearing by its consistent performance all year round.

Made of 88% cotton and 12% nylon, this welding jacket is both sturdy and comfortable, so you can wear it throughout the seasons without worrying about being too hot or too cold.

The design is very simple, avoiding all the unnecessary patterns and stripes which is great news if you like clean-cut looks. It’s also the kind of style that you can wear while working a welder as well as interacting with customers.

The color is a solid navy, with matching snap buttons along the front side. This means you’ll have adequate protection against sparks for your entire torso, plus your neck region thanks to the stand-up type of collar.

The lightweight Miller Electric Welding Jacket lets you move around freely and it has one interior pocket for convenient storage of objects. Additionally, it features fold-in snap cuffs that’ll close tightly around your wrists for more security.

The Miller Electric Welding Jacket is available in sizes up to 2 X-Large, and it’s a nice option if you’re in need of a reliable jacket for casual jobs.



Another terrific candidate that you may like if you’re searching for lightweight welding jackets is the Hobart Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Jacket. This one is becoming more and more popular for its affordable cost and impressive quality.

The design of this jacket can be very appealing to you if you prefer simple looks that are both professional yet stylish. You won’t see any flame patterns on this one, just a plain dark grey color with the “Hobart” tag at the front side.

Additionally, there are 4 snap buttons down the jacket’s length to give you secure coverage while being easy to close and open. The cuffs have snap buttons as well, allowing you to fold them in, then tightly fasten them in place for a form-fitting fit.

The Hobart Welding Jacket is constructed out of pure cotton, engineered to be flame retardant. It can protect you well against sparks and medium splatter, however, like most lightweight jackets, heavy splatter and slag isn’t its best suit.

The collar design is a cutaway type, which means it won’t be doing much for your neck protection. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not planning on wearing the jacket during heavy-duty jobs.

For extra convenience, you’ll find an inside pocket to safely hold tools and other items. The Hobart Welding Jacket is a straight-to-the-point product, offering an overall decent quality for long periods of use.



Next up, we have a premium-quality welding jacket that you can use for jobs on the messier side without worrying about your arms and torso, the Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket is a fine example of durability and reliability.

This jacket is made of thick leather, treated to resist flame and weather damage, which means it’s a solid option to wear during heavy-duty labor throughout harsh conditions.

The front closure system on this welding jacket is rather impressive as well. It has a lined flap equipped with 5 snap buttons to boost your protection from splatter. Moreover, you’ll find the collar very functional since it’s not only stand-up but it also uses a hook-and-loop clasp to ensure a secure fit for extra neck safety.

We particularly like the stitching finish of the Lincoln Electric Leather Welding Jacket because it resists fraying pretty well. All the seams of the jacket are reinforced with triple-needle stitching to make sure there’s no ripping.

On the inner side of this jacket, there’s a large pocket where you can keep items like earbuds and gear safely. The jacket is brown with no extra patterns except for the “Lincoln Electric” logo on the front and a small “FR” symbol on one arm, adding to its overall credibly.

It does get hot inside the jacket, especially in summer, but the remarkable protection and competitive price make it worth the sweat.



Showing off superior quality and hundreds of positive reviews, the Leather Welding Work Jacket from QeeLink is built to deliver durability, functionality, and comfort.

Just by looking at this jacket, you can tell it was carefully designed to last for a long time. This welding jacket is made using heavy-duty split cowhide leather which resists heat and flames to offer you complete protection with full coverage of your upper body.

The QeeLink jacket is stitched on the outside as well as the inside, utilizing US Kevlar threads to add more strength to its construction.

The collar is one of our favorite features on this jacket because it’s not just a stand-up type that really protects your neck, but it also allows you to adjust the fit to one of 3 levels using snap buttons.

Similarly, you can adjust the cuffs with snap buttons at 2 levels of tightness to achieve a perfect fit. You don’t have to worry about these buttons melting or changing color since they’re made of heat-resistant metal.

Moreover, the backside of the jacket also uses 2 snap buttons to let you adjust the waist for comfortable wear.

A particularly neat feature of this welding jacket is that it has 3 handy pockets for storage; one on the inside and one soapstone pocket on each arm.

QeeLink backs up this welding jacket with a full refund policy in case you’re not totally happy with your purchase.



Last but definitely not least, the IRONCAT Leather Welding Jacket from West Chester is built to deliver the most value for money with outstanding quality and enhanced safety.

Made of heavy-duty split cowhide leather, this welding jacket is fire-resistant and well equipped to efficiently protect you against sparks and splatter throughout long intervals.

The durability of this welding jacket is reinforced with a sturdy stitching job using high-strength Kevlar thread that’s treated to resist heat and fraying, so you know your investment is here to stay.

Additionally, all the black snaps and rivets are anodized with corrosion-resistant properties to make sure the jacket serves you for extended periods. Also, you can see them strategically placed at high-stress points to guarantee minimal ripping.

The design of the West Chester IRONCAT Welding Jacket is pretty impressive as well, featuring a large pocket at the hip-side along with 2 soapstone packets, one on each upper arm. The collar is a stand-up style with a snap button for secure fastening.

You’ll also find snaps on the back and gussets under the arms so you can adjust the fit to be as comfortable as possible. The cuffs are also adjustable so you can tighten them to your liking.

The IRONCAT Welding Jacket comes in sizes Medium up to XX-Large, although we wish there were even bigger options.



The Verdict

A welding jacket is a must-have protective clothing item for any welder. It keeps you safe, lets you focus on your project, and even carries some of your essential gadgets.

However, choosing the best welding jacket surely isn’t easy. You need to find the most suitable material and fit while being comfortable and durable.

That being said, if you’re looking for a reliable and breathable welding jacket to protect you during moderate welding jobs, the Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket should be right up your alley!

But if you want a jacket to serve you through heavy-duty welding with excellent durability and functionality, then you should totally check out the QeeLink Leather Welding Work Jacket.

Why Buy a Welding Jacket?

Picture this: you’re carefully working on a beautiful joint or bead, some sparks are casually flying around when you notice a bit of splatter lunging right at you!

Instead of feeling immense pain, sustaining an injury, and messing up your creation, a welding jacket will protect your body from the trauma, keeping you safe and allowing you to continue your work without any interruptions.

This is why it’s crucial that you wear a protective welding jacket while in action. Because no matter how skilled you are, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Other than direct burns resulting from sparks and splatter, welding usually gives off intense UV and IR rays. This radiation may not affect you on the spot, but you’ll probably notice acquiring a tan over time that’s definitely not from hitting the beach!

Don’t be fooled though, this “tan” may very well turn into a dangerous “sunburn” that indicates a risk of getting skin cancer. Wearing a welding jacket rather than a t-shirt can protect you from such harmful rays, significantly reducing the risk of skin cancer.

A welding jacket can also offer you additional storage space for handy tools and gear if your chosen model has pockets.

We can summarize the benefits of using a welding jacket in the following points:

  • Protects from splatter and sparks
  • Minimizes the risk of burns and skin cancer
  • Lets you work uninterrupted
  • Can be practical allowing you to carry frequently-used tools or gadgets

What to Look for in a Good Welding Jacket?

It’s pretty obvious by now how important it really is to wear a welding jacket while working, but the question is, how do you find a good one?

The following are some points you need to consider before spending your money to make sure you’re investing in the best welding jacket.


The first thing you need to look at when shopping for a welding jacket is, of course, its material. You’ll find several options on the market differing in durability, level of protection, and flexibility. Let’s discuss the most common ones: cotton, leather, and nylon.


Cotton in its natural form is flammable, but when used in making welding jackets, it’s specially treated to become heat-resistant and flame-resistant.

It’s the most breathable fabric out of the 3, so it’s a great choice if you’re working in hot weather. It’s also very soft and generally comfortable, suitable for light to moderate intensity welding since it offers decent enough protection.

However, if you’re planning on heavy-duty use, going for a blend of cotton and nylon or leather alone is probably a better idea.


Leather is the most durable and sturdy material for making welding jackets. It seemingly provides the highest resistance against heat and fire, so it can effectively protect you from accidental burns during heavy-duty welding jobs.

However, the catch with leather is that it’s not very soft or breathable, so expect to sweat while wearing it. This is why the majority of manufacturers use cowhide leather since it’s one of the most breathable and flexible types of leather.


Nylon isn’t typically used alone, but it’s often combined with cotton to add strength, flexibility, and protection from radiation.

Type of Welding

What type of welding do you plan on doing? Answer this question and you’ll get a better idea about the right welding jacket you should buy.

For example, if you do it as a hobby or you lean towards light-duty welding, a jacket designed for moderate protection would be good enough.

But if you’re into heavy-duty welding where you regularly work with temperatures reaching up to 1000 °F, then you definitely need a suitable jacket with the highest heat resistance.


When it comes to sizing, you ideally want to buy a form-fitting jacket that provides extended coverage without suffocating you or limiting your movement.

Always pay attention to size charts before making a purchase, it’s the best way to guarantee a comfortable fit.

The sleeve should be long enough to cover your wrists, with adjustable cuffs for extra safety. As for the collar, it should offer adequate protection for your neck while preventing sparks from falling down your shirt. A good choice here is a stand-up collar.


Finally, you may want some extra storage space to hold items that you often use such as soapstone and earbuds. This means you should be looking for welding jackets featuring multiple pockets.