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Everlast 210Ext Review

As time goes by, people experienced with welding continually seek to improve their craft. The better you become at welding, the better equipment you’ll need.

Whether you’re an experienced homeowner or a repair specialist, it’s essential that you have a proficient welding machine.

I’ve been practicing welding for many years now. I hardly came across a machine that delivers on all fronts. Those with multiple features usually come short in performance and vice versa.

However, what I am looking for now is a machine that delivers on quality, stability, and power, all at once. I’ve come across PowerTIG 210EXT and I thought this might be what I’m looking for.

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT 210Amp Ac Dc Tig Stick Advance Pulse Welder 110/220 Volt Inverter-Based IGBT Technology
  • Microprocessor control offers precise management of welding parameters and functions.
  • Portable and Lightweight design offers rugged exterior and a flip down visor to protect panel from sparks and damage.
  • Offers standard type pulse feature for AC and DC, and a special Advanced Pulse for AC for welding thin material, increasing travel speed and reduces warping.
  • Can be used with optional finger amp control torch.
  • Wave form control offers 3 types of wave form for AC welding: Triangular Wave, Advanced Square Wave, and Soft Square Wave.

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A Closer Look At The Everlast PowerTig 210EXT

Weighing only 62 lbs., this PowerTIG 210EXT stands out from competitors in many ways.

This is a powerful machine. Previous experience with welding is vital to be able to handle such a machine. If you’re a beginner, then you should look for something else.

What this machine promises is greater stability, more precise fine-tuning, and boosted performance. Although the new features seem to be complicated and hard to manage, the smart design and easy setup allow you to become familiar with the machine in no time.

When you first unpack the box you’ll be met with an Everlast 26 series TIG torch, Everlast 9 series TIG torch, electrode holder, foot pedal, work clamp, the billet brass Argon regulator, consumable starter kit, and all the cables that come with them.

Before we delve deep into what this machine offers, let’s skim through the main pros and cons.



Everlast PowerTig 210EXT Features and Benefits

When I first checked out the features and power capabilities of Everlast 210EXT, I recognized that it’s one of those top-of-the-line welders. In this part of our review, I’ll walk you through some of the benefits that I loved about this machine.

Digital Microprocessor Control

This upgrade has entirely transformed the welding experience. Although the display may look fancy and sophisticated, there is way more to it than that. This microprocessor allows you to adjust your settings and fine-tuning options to the minutest details.

As a result of this technology, the welding machine is more like a computer that invites features such as the memory channels.

Arc Stability

This is one of the most important features that separate a first-rate machine from the rest. The Everlast 210EXT arc is very smooth, stable, and allows for no fits throughout the welding process.

Wide Range of Amperage

As mentioned before, one of the first things you should be looking at is the range of amperage that the machine offers. And this one delivers just well. Ranging from 5 amps and up to 210 amps, this gives you plenty of materials to play with.

The Memory Channels

This add-on, though not a necessary element, has proven effective in facilitating the welding process; it gives you the space to focus more on fine-tuning the piece at hand. This unit gives you 9 programmable channels that you can save your setting on.

In other words, you create 9 presets of settings that you can easily access. You don’t have to set up your machine every time you get to work. Just choose from the saved programs.

AC Waveform

While working on aluminum, you can shift between the 3 modes of waveform available: Advanced Square, Triangular Wave, and Soft Square. This feature is great at making the welding of aluminum more flexible.

AC Balance

This feature mixes the negative cycles and the positive cycles. The positive cycles allow for breaking up the oxide layers formed on the metal. The purpose of this feature is to achieve “clean” welding, it even shows on the digital display.

On the other hand, the negative cycles concentrate the heat. That’s why this feature is always good to have.

IGBT Inverter

You can find this fast-switching semiconductor in many home appliances. Welding machines with IGBT technology are the latest in the market. It allows the machine to handle heavy welding arc work with enhanced efficiency.


This model comes with plenty of improved accessories. Some of the package’s components are: a decent work clamp, a heavy-duty stick electrode and an argon hose that goes from the gas bottle to the regulator. The hose is reinforced with inter-woven fiber.

There’s also a power adapter, which is another essential feature. Then there is the much-improved foot pedal, you only have to be very careful when putting it together.

This tool also comes with 2 air-cooled torches: WP-9 and WP-26. If you want a full output you should use the WP-26. If you’re off-site and you’re working under 125 amps, then using the WP-9 will be suitable.

Talking about the connectors, they’re standard DINSE 50 style, providing cross-compatibility.

AC Frequency

You can find this feature available in most of the welding machines since the purpose of it is to focus the arc.

At high frequency, the arc would go deeper into the thick metal.

With lower frequency, it’ll be soft and wide. This is suitable for thin sheets where the heat needs to be spread over the surface.


In this department, the unit does well. Despite the lightness and portability of the machine, it’s actually very durable and sturdy. There is also a visor that further protects the panel.

What Do Users Think of The Everlast PowerTig 210EXT

Before I make any purchase I usually go through users’ reviews, and buying a welding machine is no exception. These reviews help point out issues not necessarily made obvious by the sellers.

With Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT, many reviewers have praised it for the performance, stability, and customer service. However, the unit’s price didn’t go uncriticized.

The Verdict

When you compare this edition of the Everlast 210Ext to previous ones, you’ll find that it has undergone noticeable changes. With the digital inverter and the microprocessor control, this unit is a great choice for experienced welders.

The new benefits featured in this edition are numerous, such as the triangular waveform feature, which is optimal for dealing with thin aluminum.

There’s also the much better AC advanced pulse mode and cleaner, which both improved the experience of working with low amperage.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Everlast PowerTig 210EXT

While there’s a wide variety of welding techniques and processes out there, I’ll focus on the TIG process (Tungsten Inert Gas). Mostly because it’s the welding process preferred when doing architectural work and it provides high-quality welds. In addition, it delivers seamless-looking and aesthetic-driven weld beads.

Before making such a long-term decision, one should consider the following list of what to look for when choosing a TIG welding machine.

Range of Amperage

Choosing a TIG welder with the widest range of amperage can be life-changing. The wider the range, the more materials you’ll be able to weld. Metals, such as aluminum, need high amperage to be welded compared to steel, for example.

To weld a small piece of aluminum that’s about 0.125” thick, you need as much as 125 amps.

Performance with Low Amperage

Choosing a machine with a wide range of amperage is not enough. It’s equally important to look for one that provides a stable arc when welding below 10 amps. This is vital for better control of heat and better starting.

Toggling AC/DC

Not all materials can be operated on using DC. If you intend to work on soft metals, such as magnesium and aluminum, you definitely need a welding machine with AC.

DC is used for materials such as stainless steel or copper.


Before you decide on a unit to buy, you should first consider the location where you’ll weld. If you’re going to perform your welding at different locations, it’s best that you opt for a portable machine.

Portable TIG machines come with 2 different options: engine-driven power source and inverters.

Pulse Welding Option

This is a technique that allows for greater heat control. When using pulse welding, the device shuffles between high and low currents. This process protects the arc and gives a chance for the welding to cool.


TIG welders differ in price depending on the features available. It can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. However, pricier options don’t necessarily mean better machines.