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Everlast Power I-MIG 200E Review

Home improvement projects are, in my opinion, the best, because you’re not on a deadline and you can stop and start again whenever you’d like.

But my problem was always worrying about voltage and whether I’m risking overrunning my entire power line by using a welder that’s too powerful.

That’s why I wish I had the Everlast Power I-MIG 200E at the time.

I’ve written a review for this machine that’ll help you decide whether or not it’s the one for you.

Everlast Cyclone 200ES MIG Welder 180 Amp 110/220v
  • 200 Max Amps , 25% Duty cycle at 180 amps , Both MIG and Stick capability , IGBT Inverter ,
  • high visibility LCD Digital display , PowerSet mode simplifies setup
  • Stable arc performance , Simplified, easy operation, Dual Voltage 1 phase 120/240V
  • 15 series MIG gun , Low spatter , Weld with 4" or 8" wire rolls
  • Spool gun capable , Duty Cycle/Overcurrent Protection (Auto-stop)

Table of Contents

A Closer Look At The Everlast Power I-MIG 200E

Everlast is a company that’s known for its concept of creating powerful machines that work with minimal voltage. That, in addition to its competitive market prices and of course, its signature green color.

Main Feature

The Everlast Power I-MIG 200E comes with the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverter technology, which is what really sets this machine apart.

With this technology, the machine becomes more powerful and versatile, enabling you to work better and on various projects.

I’ll expand more on this feature later in the review, so make sure to keep reading as it’s really the main selling point of this machine.

Other Models

Unlike the Lincoln Electric K2698-1, the Power I-MIG 200E is lighter and more user-friendly. It’s also cheaper, coming in at almost half the price of the Lincoln Electric model.

The 200E welder is also the more favored of the Everlast MIG family, especially more so than its younger brother, the 140E.

While it may be cheaper, this MIG welder has less power and volt capacity. This means that it lacks the drive to push your welding project through, and the price is actually less than half than that of the 200E.

Personally, I’d opt for the 200E because even though you’re paying more, but still less than double, you’re getting almost double the power.

Is It For You?

MIG welding is already the best way to kickstart your welding adventures. It’s a simple, no-fuss method of welding, and it allows you to focus on getting your basics right before moving on to bigger projects.

The Power I-MIG 200E makes MIG welding even easier and more accessible, as it’s simple to operate and is cost-effective.

So if you’re a beginner and you’re into DIY projects, this machine could be for you.

There’s really a lot of cool features in this product. For now, let’s take a look at some pros and cons.



The Features and Benefits of the Everlast Power I-MIG 200E Welder

The Everlast Power I-MIG 200E packs plenty of great features, which could be why it’s a popular product.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those features.

Digital IGBT Inverter

The greatest advantage of the Everlast Power welder is its digital IGBT inverter.

It enables high capacity voltage, meaning it gives you high output power even when it’s receiving low input power. The maximum output power of the Power I-MIG 200E is 200A.

This also makes the machine more versatile, as you can use it as a stick welder or a flux-cored welding machine if your project needs it.

Dual Voltage

Another special feature of the Power I-MIG 200E is its dual voltage capabilities.

The machine will run from 110V to 220V, keeping in mind that a standard household carries 110V.

And because of the IGBT inverter, you don’t need to turn it off when you want to switch between the various voltages that might be available to you.

You could also use a generator on this welder.


This welding machine comes with two settings, one for voltage and one for wire speed. The configuration of the adjustments provides the right amount of power over your entire adjustment choices.

This makes this machine more user-friendly than its competitors, ones whose temperature settings are usually inaccurate.

Variety of Material

The Everlast Power I-MIG 200E is a highly compatible machine that can work plenty of materials, making it a good choice for eager beginners and experienced pros.

The most recommended materials to use with this machine are steel, stainless steel, and chrome-moly.

You can also handle aluminum if you use the spool gun feature.

With this welder, you’re able to weld up to 7/16 inches in a single pass and 3⁄4 inches in several 240V passes. On the other hand, at 120V, you can weld up to 1/8 inches in a single pass and 1⁄4 inches in several passes.

To be safe, keep in mind that the maximum you can weld with this machine is 3/32 inches at 120V and 5/32 inches at 240V.

Quick Euro Style Connector

This feature is another reason why the Power I-MIG 200E is a good choice for anyone with a budget.

Some atmospheres won’t allow MIG welding, which is where this feature comes in especially handy.

The Euro-style adjuster allows you to easily turn your spool gun from MIG welding into stick welding, which is another way this machine is versatile in its capabilities.

This adjuster also saves costs by enabling you to use a low budget gun, as opposed to brand-name equipment that will burn a hole in your pocket.


This welder is one of the lightest ones on the market.

It weighs around 35 pounds, so you can imagine how easy it is to move it around your home or even pack it in the car.


Who knew welders could be so small?

The Everlast Power welder’s dimensions are 21.5 x 16 x 15.5 inches, which makes the machine easy to fit and store anywhere around your home, garage, or even in your car.


The Everlast Power welding machine is one of the most economic ones available for purchase these days.

The Everlast product range is generally more affordable than other manufacturers, often coming in at more than half the price of other machines.

The best thing about this is that you don’t compromise quality or efficiency for the price tag, which is a relief to welders on a budget.

This also enables you to spend more on a variety of accessories and materials you might want to use or experiment with.


Most welders come with warranties that last up to three years.

However, Everlast is known for its extended warranty policies. The Everlast Power I-MIG 200E comes with a long five-year warranty.

The company also has a 30-day satisfaction policy, which allows you to return the unit if you are not satisfied with the product for whatever reason.

Spool Gun

This feature should be a favorite among beginners. That’s because it makes the machine much more user-friendly.

Aluminum is one of the materials you can use with the Everlast Power welder, and the optional spool gun lets you handle the material easily.


This welder machine comes with an impressive amount of accessories. This comes in especially handy if you don’t want to make an extra step to the hardware store.

In your package, you should find these accessories.

  • Quick Euro-style connector
  • Extra consumable starter kit
  • Work clamp
  • Work cable
  • Air/CO2 regulator
    10 feet long series 15
  • MIG gun

Social Proof: What People Say About the Everlast Power I-MIG 200E Welder

After scouring the internet, here are a bunch of reviews from users who liked the Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder.

You don’t have to search too far to find good reviews about this product.

My favorite way to read honest reviews is to check out unboxing and review videos on YouTube. Most of the reviewers have nothing to gain, and the commentators don’t have a reason to hold back.

You can also check out this video on how the Power I-MIG 200E performs its first welds.

Let’s look at some honestly written reviews that stand out the most.

The Verdict

There’s a reason why this machine is a popular one. I like it because it’s compatible with all skill levels and is a no-hassle type of machine. It’s also a fantastic way to get work done around the house without risking overrunning your power lines.

Because the Power I-MIG 200E comes with the IGBT inverter, you can safely run the machine inside your home using minimal voltage, while still receiving high power output.

This machine is also a two-in-one type, because not only do you get dual voltage capabilities, but you also have the ability to switch between voltages without having to interrupt your work.

If you have a wide array of projects you’re working on, the Power I-MIG 200E allows you to work with a variety of materials. You can also work with aluminum if you utilize your spool gun. Moreover, it’s cost-effective in more ways than one.

Not only is it cheaper than others in the market, which gives you more space to spend on wires and accessories, but it’s Euro-style quick converter feature also allows you to save on your tools and not have to opt for big name brand equipment.

This machine would come highly recommended for anyone who’s even remotely interested in welding.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Welder

The Everlast Power I-MIG 200E welder is a good option for home improvement projects and jobs that require the same amount of power.

This is because the machine has medium voltage capacity and a certain feature that allows you to switch voltages without actually turning off the machine. And if you’ve ever had experience in welding before, you know how inconvenient that can be.

There are many features that come with the Power I-MIG 200E, and a few of them are quite special. But before I get to those, let’s first discuss what you need to consider before making a purchasing decision.

Here are some points you need to think about.

Do you need a Power I-MIG 200E?

Think of the job or project at hand. What are you working with, and how much power do you really need? If you’re working with 120 to 240 voltage output, this machine could be useful.

Who is this welder for?

The Everlast Power I-MIG 200E welder is a reasonable pick for any beginner or pro.

It’s easy enough to start and operate, so don’t worry if you don’t have too much experience in the welding department yet.

What should you look for in a MIG welder?

This varies, but you should consider what materials you want to weld first.

If you’re welding thicker materials, you need a powerful welder. You should also consider the machine’s duty cycle, which is how many minutes the machine can weld at 100% capacity.