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The Hobart Champion Elite Review

So you’re looking for a heavy-duty welder, and you’re considering the Hobart Champion Elite. You came to the right place!

I really wish I had the Hobart Champion Elite last summer when I was working at my uncle’s farm, and his mildly-powered welder kept overheating, and eventually gave out.

I know from experience what it’s like using the wrong type of welder for your project, and that’s why I’m going to give a full review of the Champion Elite model.

Let’s dive right in!

Champion Elite 225 Engine Driven Welder
9 Reviews
Champion Elite 225 Engine Driven Welder
  • 225-amp Welder with 11,000-Watt Auxiliary Power 225 amps allows for ample welding capability. Weld up to 1/2" material and plug in your welding tools to get the job done with ease.
  • Has a 12-gallon fuel tank and low oil pressure shutdown. Dependable engine conserves fuel and provides long operation before refueling.
  • Innovative Hobart technology Allows you smooth arc starts with minimal “sticking”. Extraordinary motor starting characteristics. Strong continuous rating to run compressors, pumps, lights, hand tools and other equipment.
  • Auto Idle feature: Machine has greater fuel savings and reduced noise.
  • Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty

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A Closer Look At The Hobart Champion Elite

The Hobart Champion Elite is a welder and generator that’s cost-effective and serves multiple purposes.

So if you’re in the welding process and need a generator to back up other equipment, such as tools and lighting, the Champion Elite can get that done for you.

It’s definitely not built for light use. On the contrary, it’s much more powerful than its younger brother.

However, like any product, this one comes with its own list of pros and cons.



Hobart Champion Elite Features and Benefits

The Hobart Champion Elite comes with a lot of fantastic features. Its significant power and reliability make it a good choice for any welder.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the features of the Hobart Champion Elite that caught my eye.

Dual Purpose

With the Champion Elite model, you’re not just investing in a regular welder.

You’re also investing in a power generator that can serve multiple purposes, and those come in handy during especially emergencies.

This machine is also affordable because you’re getting a two-in-one machine for the average market price of a generator.


This welder and generator is the definition of heavy-duty. For welding, you get a 225amp DC welder, making stick welding and arc starts easy and fast.

As a generator, it serves up to 11,000 watts, making it especially useful during a power outage. This also makes it perfect for anyone looking to use more than one tool at a time.


Another reason this product is a match made in heaven for those looking to run multiple tools at a time is the receptacles, or rather their number.

This welder and generator features a total of six receptacles: Four 120 volt receptacles, one 240 volt receptacle, and one 120/240 volt receptacle.

It also comes with a rugged hinged door panel at the back that protects the receptacles. This is especially useful if you’re going to be working in a windy environment that would blow dust particles and sparks all over the place.

Engine and Tank

The Champion Elite also features a 23-Horse Power engine by Kohler. It’s a dependable engine that conserves fuel and provides long usage hours before the need to refuel.

Speaking of refueling, this welder and generator takes gasoline and offers a full 12 gallons of tank space!

Experienced welders know this is a generous amount, as a gallon of fuel is usually enough for an hour’s work. This ensures that you have all the fuel you need to operate with high power without interruptions.

A machine this size might use up a lot of fuel, which is natural due to the amount of power it generates.

The good thing about this product, though, is that it comes with a feature that combats this issue. The auto-idle feature, when turned on, offers greater savings. This means the machine doesn’t guzzle fuel like you’d expect it to.

Heavy Build

A user referred to this machine as a beast, and there weren’t exaggerating!

The body of the Champion Elite model is designed to protect the machine. The enclosed design offers a layer similar to a shield that guards it from flying sparks and dust.

The electrical connections and wiring of this welder and generator are durable, and the circuit breaker is also heavily protected.

Setup and Maintenance

The Champion Elite is an easy model to maintain, making it suitable for both professional and amateurs.

Setting up the current you need is a simple task. The controls can be found at the back of the welder generator.

Refilling the tank is as easy as refueling your car. The fuel cap is located at the side of the machine, and all you need to do is open and refill it.

Cleaning the machine itself isn’t difficult because you can access the compartment from both sides. It’s essential to clean it regularly according to instructions to maintain its performance.


The Hobart Champion Elite is mobile, meaning you can use it anywhere or even pack it up in your truck and transport it to another location.

Weighing at a shipping weight of 499 pounds and being over 3 ft. long, this welder is actually lighter and more compact than its competitors.

Having said that, I still wouldn’t try to move this product around on my own without help. If you’re transporting it to far locations, you’ll need a truck or a similar-sized vehicle.

If you’re using it at home, on the other hand, such as in your garage or your backyard tool shed, you might want to ask someone to help you move it.

Dragging the machine can be damaging if you frequently collide with your surroundings while moving.

It’s too heavy for one person to lug around, so it would’ve been nice if it came with built-in or attachable wheels at the bottom to ease the moving process.

Automatic Oil Change

If welding isn’t anything new to you, then you know how much of a hassle oil changes can be.

Lucky for us all, the Hobart Champion Elite welder and generator comes with automatically scheduled routine oil servicing that’s due every 100 hours.

There’s also a digital hour meter at the back of the machine that keeps a record of the time. This means you can always be prepared for the next oil change.

What Do Users Think of The Hobart Champion Elite

I’ve searched around to find honest reviews of the Hobart Champion Elite. I found that the positive reviews of this welder outnumber the negative ones.

While some reviews said they wished for additional features, such as the wheels for easier transportation, most were in favor of the Hobart Champion Elite.

This Champion model has an average review of 4.7 out of 5, with most reviewers describing it as “a great choice” and a “beast.”

Here are a couple of reviews from fans of the Hobart Champion Elite model.

The Verdict

It can be difficult to find the right combination of welder and generator. It’s what I needed during my earlier welding adventures.

The Hobart Champion elite serves various purposes, and it’s considered relatively compact.

I like that it comes at an affordable price, given that it works as a welder and a generator.

With power up to 11,000 watts, four receptacles, and a two-in-one value, there’s no doubt that this is the machine I’d choose for my welding projects.

What to Consider Before Buying The Hobart Champion Elite

Usually, people who use a welder on a farm or need to run several pieces of equipment at the same time face the issue of a significant lack of power.

The Hobart Champion Elite welder and generator isn’t just a good option for anyone who works on a farm. It’s also great for anyone who enjoys auto repair as a hobby or likes to try different DIY projects that need high power.

If you need power less than 4,500 watts, you might want to consider the Champion 145. It’s smaller and lighter, which is perfect for around-the-house work rather than farms and bigger projects.

Before buying a welder, consider where you’ll use it and for what purpose. This will help you decide which machine is the right choice for you.

You should also consider the materials you want to weld and their thickness. The greater the thickness, the more power you’ll need.

Materials such as stainless steel should be easy to manage with the Hobart Champion Elite.