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PrimeWeld CT520D Review

The PrimeWeld CT520D is one of those machines that once you buy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without it.

That’s how I felt after getting mine. I’d been looking at machines that have a combination of TIG/stick welders. But I wanted one that can also do some cutting.

That’s when I came across the PrimeWeld CT520D. It boasts of more high-quality performance and durability compared to other welders or cutters of the same type.

PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Amp Plasma Cutter, 200 Amp TIG Welder and 200 Amp Stick Welder - Welding and Cutting Combo, Mobile Welding Machine, Portable Plasma Cutter, Multipurpose Welder and Cutter, CT-520D
  • MULTIPURPOSE WELDER AND CUTTER: Cut many metals up to 1/2" thick with the 50A plasma cutting function. The TIG and stick welding settings also work with a variety of metals. Features an 50Hz/60Hz input power frequency and 85% power efficiency.
  • VERSATILE 3-IN-1 WELDING/CUTTING MACHINE: The 50A plasma cutter is used for cast iron, mild steel, copper, and more. The 200A TIG torch can weld magnesium, and stainless steel. Use the 200A stick welder for minor welding repairs.
  • UNIQUE MULTIPURPOSE WELDING MACHINE/PLASMA CUTTER IN DESIGN & PERFORMANCE: This 200 Amp welder consumes less energy, lowering the operation cost. The safe and user-friendly plasma cutter doesn’t use flammable constituents, reducing exposure to risks.
  • PORTABLE, RELIABLE UNIT: The multipurpose welder and plasma cutter weighs only 32lbs, making it a great portable option. It features a duty cycle of 60% at maximum amps on all processes. It also easily switches from DC TIG welder to DC stick welder.
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Backed by a 3-year warranty, we're committed to after-sales service. When you contact us, you speak with real technical specialists and representatives, and our USA-based parts and customer service is available 7 days a week.

Table of Contents

A Closer Look At The PrimeWeld CT520D

PrimeWeld is a reliable and trustworthy name in the world of welders and cutters. Each of their machines is designed for high-standard engineering standards. Their products are durable, accurate, and convenient.


Their customer service, tech support, and after-sales services are always available 7 days a week to help out with any questions you may have.

The PrimeWeld CT250D is a versatile piece of equipment that’s optimal for both home-use and commercial use. It has dual voltage to allow using the welder with either 220V or 110V. It’s portable and easy to transport with a weight that’s less than 40 lbs (18 kg).

The PrimeWeld has a stick welder function, plasma cutting, and a TIG stick welder function as well. It can easily switch back and forth between the stick function and the TIG via an IGBT welding inverter. This is one of the features that make this welding machine one of the most user-friendly on the market.

What’s in the Box?

The PrimeWeld CT520D comes with practical accessories, such as an air regulator. Air regulators are pneumatic devices. They work at controlling the level of air pressure going into your air hose. Other accompanying tools and consumables are:

  • 10 electrodes
  • 10 nozzles
  • 10 shield cups
  • An electrode holder that’s used for stick welding
  • A TIG torch
  • A built-in air gauge to facilitate the welding process
  • A 6-inch power cord
  • A user manual that’s easy to read



PrimeWeld CT520D Features and Benefits

Read on to learn more about some of the main features and basic benefits of this product.

3-in-1 Machine

One reason I highly recommend this welder is that this powerful and impressive piece of equipment can do the work of 3 machines. It can function as a stick welder, a TIG welder, and a plasma cutter. Both the stick and the TIG welders deliver current up to 200 amperes.

Plasma Cutter

One of the PrimeWeld CT520D welding machine’s unique features is the 50 amp plasma function, which can cut metals up to half an inch thick. It can also weld at the same time.

It’s a precision cutter and is great at welding various types of metals, such as stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and lots more.

The plasma function is considered a unique feature in both its design and performance. The plasma function doesn’t require the need of any flammable constituents, so it’s not considered a safety hazard.

TIG Torch

The TIG stick welder comes with a welding shape, a deep weld pool, and an easy arc. This torch is perfect for welding various types of electrodes of different acids and basis, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and magnesium.

It comes with a well-designed handle to ensure you have a good grip on your equipment and reduce the risk of injuries.

LED Display

This cutting and welding machine has a LED screen that shows the amp readings. It gave me precise and reliable reading.

Dual Voltage and Dual Frequency

Some areas that use 110V, while others use 220V. This can create a problem for those using welding machines with only one voltage. But the PrimeWeld CT520D can use both these voltages without the need for rewiring.

Another fun feature? The switch between voltages happens automatically and doesn’t require any manual change. The same goes for its dual-frequency function which runs at both 50 and 60 Hz.

Portable and Lightweight

Weighing at just 36 lbs (16 kg), the PrimeWeld CT520D is one of the lightest welding machines on the market. It was easy for me to move it from one place to the next easy and hassle-free.

Its dimensions are 23.6 × 16.8 × 12.8 inches.

Performance and High Speed

It works at a faster speed compared to other welding and cutting machines. I believe that it saves time, costs, and effort for welders and their employers.

Power Efficiency

Just by being 3 machines in 1, the PrimeWeld CT520D is already saving energy and power. This efficient piece of equipment saves up to 85% more power than welding machines of the same type.

Durability and Reliability

You can rely on the PrimeWeld CT520D. It doesn’t suddenly stop as you’re working. This welding machine’s high-efficiency ensures a perfect and complete cutting or welding job every time you use it.

Low Noise Output

The PrimeWeld CT520D is one of the few welding machines on the market that produce low noise output. This reduces distractions, discomfort, and health risks due to loud noise.

Value for Money

Having 3 machines in 1 means you’re saving money. You don’t have to buy a separate cutter, accessories, or other tools. They come together in one convenient package.
Plus, this welding machine comes with a variety of impressive features and functions. All these aspects make it definitely worth your money.

What Do Users Think of The PrimeWeld CT520D

I scoured the Internet and found customer reviews that seemed rather positive.
One customer was happy with the product and PrimeWeld’s customer service.

The Verdict

The PrimeWeld CT520D review proves that this it’s exactly what I was looking for. It has both cutting and welding features, with high precision and durability.

Whether you’re a professional welder/cutter or just a hobbyist, the PrimeWeld CT520D is a great piece of equipment to have. I found it easy to use and maintain. And let’s not forget all the accessories and consumables that come with the welding/cutting machine.

At a budget-friendly price, you can’t go wrong with this welding machine.

Things to Consider Before Buying the PrimeWeld C520D

My PrimeWeld CT520D review will show that this isn’t just any welder. Its versatile features and affordable price make this welding and cutting machine a reliable piece of equipment to own.
Here are a few things to consider before buying this welder.

Easily Moved

It should be easy to transport it from one area to another. Being lightweight is a feature that boosts its versatility.

Try a Test Cut

When buying a cutter, you should give it a test cut. Using the same piece of metal sheet, try it at different speeds. Check the quality and final result of your cuts.

The Engine

The engine is one of the first things I look at when buying a cutter/welder. The engine is what dictates the outcome of your project, so it’s important you give it a good look-over.


Each machine requires some type of upkeep. But it’s nice to find one that needs as little maintenance as possible.

Extra Features

I believe that a machine that comes with extra features and tools is number one in my book. You get your money’s worth, plus you have more tools to help you get the job done.