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How To Read Welding Blueprints

How To Read Welding Blueprint – Learning The Basics As there is no mandate for welders to learn about welding blueprints, often they’re negligent and

How Does Underwater Welding Work

How Does Underwater Welding Work – Everything You Need To Know Underwater infrastructure has been expanding as early as the 1800s. As the number of

Low Temp Aluminum Welding Rods

Low Temp Aluminum Welding Rods SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Welding can be a dangerous trade, please take the proper precautions to protect yourself.  Here’s our list of

How Does A Plasma Cutter Work

How Does A Plasma Cutter Work? Plasma cutter is a tool of metal fabrication, often misunderstood to be very complicated, expensive, and with limited applications.

Socket Weld vs Buttweld

Socket Weld vs Buttweld: Differences Between Types of Welds Over the decades, welding techniques have expanded and branched to cover a greater number of scenarios.

Push vs Pull Welding

Push vs Pull Welding: Everything You Need To Know It’s not very widely known but welding is very complicated that requires knowledge of hundreds of

AC vs DC Welding

AC vs DC Welding: A Guide To Welding Currents When it comes to welding, most people pay a lot of attention to the different types

Mig vs Tig Welding

MIG vs TIG Welding: Definition, Differences, Methods, and Applications Explained Welding is one of the few jobs that have a place in almost every industry.

How to Become a Welder

How to Become a Welder: The Definitive Guide to Choosing Welding as a Career in 2020 Welding as a Career in 2020Choosing a career is

Welding vs Soldering

Welding vs Soldering: Differences, Types, & Which is Better? If you’re planning on getting started into the world of fabrication and metalwork, you’ll soon have

Inverter vs Transformer Welders

Inverter vs Transformer Welders: The Guide You’ve Been Looking For What’s better: an inverter welder or a transformer welder? Pretty straightforward question on the surface

Welding Processes — The Definite Guide

Welding Processes — The Definitive Guide During the beginning stages of learning the welding trade, most novices get overwhelmed by the amount of information available